Jomaan Story!

Jomaan cover photo

All stories start with names, isn't it?

Jomaan was named after an eastern word with Latin origin, which means the pearl hidden deep in the sea.

And here our story starts, we are a diversified group of Jewel lovers, who are on a mission to help YOU unveil the pearl inside you.

We've founded for you so that you can Shine more, and Smile more. 

But wait, it is not only about external jewels, but also about the internal pearl inside each one of us; that is the name already about, right?

We want to help as many people as we can to discover and unveil their internal pearl. How can we are planning to do so?

We believe that reading is the most important key for everybody to unlock her potential and seek higher things, so we have decided to donate one free book to the people in the developed world for each 100USD spent on our store.

Hope you share our cause with us, and support us to help more people to read and unlock their potential.